Featuring our latest book : The Big D

A Message from Dr. Kate Kelly

“Let’s stop tiptoeing around the obvious…by getting difficult topics out into the open”

The Elephant in the Room books are intended to help make life easier for children facing difficult experiences – whether a death
in the family, the prospect of surgery or serious illness, or many of the other challenges life throws their way – by
meeting these topics head-on, and talking about them in a sensitive, straightforward way.


Bringing our children into the discussion

Bad stuff happens, children know it, and not talking about it only makes it scarier.

The Elephant in the Room books help break down those walls to build understanding, reduce fear and build healthy, stronger relationships.

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"There is nothing out there that addresses dying as directly as this does to young children. Great way to open the conversation with children of all ages. I use your book multiple times per week with my patients and their families, and wonder how I got along before without it.
I wish you could have heard a mom yesterday telling me how much she loved the book and what a difference it made to her telling her son about his dad. I have received so much positive feedback from everyone I share it with."

~ Joan Hamilton, Clinical Nurse Specialist Cancer Care, Nova Scotia Health Authority

February 21, 2017

The Big D

Explaining Death & Dying to young children